Tailorframe on erikoistunut tapahtuma- ja yritysvalokuvaukseen. Tarjoamme innovatiivisia visuaalisia ratkaisuja. Palvelemme asiakkaitamme ympäri Suomen.

Pioneereina olemme kehittäneet USPTA patentoidun konseptin, joka mahdollistaa laadukkaat kustomoidut ja elämykselliset kuvat nopeasti ja kustannustehokkaasti.

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Founder, CEO

Jere Hietala

Jere Hietala is an internationally awarded photographer, entrepreneur and an adventurer.

During the twelve years as an entrepreneur, he has worked with the world’s most influential customers, such as L’Oreal, Nestle, Universal, Deloitte, TBWA and for private customers such as 50 Cent, Blake Griffin, Anze Kopitar. His work has been presented. by many prestigious magazines such as Vanity Fair Italy.

On his spare time, Jere is fighting ferociously against poaching, which has been widely noticed by media, for whom Jere has done a lot of public interviews and appearances.

Disruption in photography as a motivation, he started Tailorframe in 2013. Jere’s goal was to create a concept, which would enable anyone to become a professional portrait photographer in seconds. Today, as many of the goals are already reached, next steps are clear: “ultimately, I see Tailorframe being a photography based platform, which enables tools for more convenient and faster workflow for enthusiasts and professionals.”




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