Tailorframe Events

Tailorframe Events specializes in photo shoots for customer events. It offers the participants a chance to be a part of a unique photo shoot scene.

Tailorframe takes care of all the photo shoot arrangements. We provide our customers with the equipment, personnel and everything else needed for a successful event.

Tailorframe’s photo stand can be modified according to the customer’s brand, or to suit the theme of the event. The participants will receive a personal card containing a unique code, which allows downloading and sharing the pictures immediately after the shoot.The pictures can also be shared in the event and used later on the customer’s website, providing that the participants have given a permission to do so.

Corporate photography

Tailorframe offers a variety of photographic services for businesses. Our best selling services are green screen staff portraits, GIF‘s and traditional event photography.

We are also able to make you a combination package, which will include company presentation video and photography.

Please feel free to ask us more information